Multi-monitor & Multi-GPU in linux. Trying to get the best performance possible

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:,

Please. need help :pray:. I want to buy an amd GPU for a multi-monitor / multi-GPU setup in linux. But I am not sure if that is even possible in linux. Has anyone tried it? :thinking:

GPU I will like to buy:
RX 6400 4GB, for daily stuff (web, youtube, fashion, etc.)

My personal reasons :crazy_face::
Please don’t get mad at me if I am asking something basic :sob:, but I want to have my gaming monitor just with my main GPU. The remaining monitors, I will like to run them in the possible new GPU. Gaming performance is key for me (I want to play CP2077 with RT - love the game :heart_eyes:). While investigating, I found comments that multiple monitors hurt performance.

In addition, might sound like a crazy reason. Some games have issues while playing in my linux setup. For example DOTA2, while launching the game moves from 1 monitor to another (gives me seizures) :dizzy_face:. Also, I am too lazy for turning off or disconnecting the monitors while playing. :sleeping:

Love multiple monitors, in 1 I can see my youtube videos, on the other web surfing. anouther with the steam client and last my gaming monitor.

I currently have 1 GPU in my PC. My setup has multiple monitor (4 monitors). I am running linux (Fedora 39). PC specs below.
-Motherboard: Asus Crosshair VIII
-CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
-GPU: RX 7900 XT
-Monitors 4. (3 x 1080p, 1 x Ultra Wide)

Final comments:
I know that NVIDIA with windows might be the best for gaming with RT, but I love my little tux and got accustomed to it. I want to have the best performance without replacing my tux.

Thanks everyone for your support :heartpulse:. Best wishes to all :smiling_face:.