Multi GPU fan control WITHOUT an X screen per GPU on Nvidia?

Fortunately, dealing with multiple GPU fan speeds was not a issue for my old system because Noctuas were zap strapped on the secondary GPU…

However, once I moved to a system needing independent GPU fan speed controls direct from the GPU, this became impossible without setting up a second X screen, meaning MANY new headaches in being unable to control all the fans to aid airflow without dealing with multi monitor X screen which is a nightmare for a beginner.

As good as having Noctuas were, I wasn’t about to do that same thing again.

Is there a proven method to control fan speed on secondary GPUs in a multi-GPU setup without resorting to multiple X screens which introduces even more compatibility issues?

VFIO is what I considered, but that means going straight to that path and abandoning using all 12 cores of my 10920X for Native/DXVK gaming. Is there a way without resorting to GPU passthrough and without doing (well beyond my skill level) Xserver configuring?