MSI Z87 G45 Gaming Vs Asus Z87 A Vs AsRock Z87 Extreme4

As the title says which one is better? I want to overclock relatively well, be able to SLI/Crossfire in the future and I want it to last me a long time. Thanks in advance for all your responses.

if i had personaly have to choose between those 3 boards, i would deffanetly go with the Msi Z87-G45 gaming. this boards looks great, and has some cool feutures. about the OC compatibility is arround the same at all of those 3 boards. for good hasswell overclocking you need a bit of luck, if you realy want a good board for overclocking, then i would recommend a msi Z87 Mpower. this board has more powerphases, but then still you need to be a bit of luck, haswell is not a great overclocker.

grtz Angel ☺


I'd grab the msi. msi is really reliable and has outstanding quality and an easy to use bios. I've got a Z77A-G45, and i've had it for ~11 months with my 3770k. Definately would recommend it.