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MSI Z77A-G43 vs ASUS P8Z77-V LX2



I would like to know if there are any significant differences between those two.Msi has its Military Class III components but ASUS has its good software and both are at the same price range so I can't decide which one to take .


Well the biggest difrence between those 2 boards are the pci-e lanes, the Msi has a better support for CF  it has 36 lanes, slot 1 X16 slot X16 slot 3 x4.

The Asus has only  20 Lanes. slot 1 x16 and slot 2 is x4, so the Asus is not made for multiple gpu setups, if you stay at only one 1 gpu, then that doesn´t realy make much sense.

the Asus has a 4+1 powerphase the Msi would probably also have 4+1, Both boards will not overclock great.

I dont know what your budget is or what you planing to do with it, but i would spend a bit more into a mobo. if you wanne use a K processor and going into overclocking, then i would not recommend both of them.

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The G43 doesn't have SLI support. That might be a deciding factorm, if you have a preference for Nvidia.

However, the G45 variant of the MSI mobo, does have SLI support. It shouldn't cost too much, in addition to the G43 price.


yeah the G45 has sli and CF support, however, it would probably not a great overclocker. for as far as that matters. its realy hard to find detailed information about powerphase design on Msi´s  lower end intel boards realy..

If you stay on a single gpu setup, and you want a mobo with a  8+4 powerphase design and can do some  overclocking then i´m thinking of the Asrock Z77 extreme 4 in your price range.


I will definetly do some OC since I was going to buy i5 3570k but I will use only one GPU. About the extreme 4  it costs in my country 102 € but both MSI and ASUS cost 80 something €. My price range would be 650 € thats about 700 $. I was planning to get i5 3570k,GTX 660,mobo-?, WD Blue 1,5 TB , Xigmatek Asgard 381(or Bitfenix Outlaw), OCZ ModXstream 500W. How about ASRock Pro 4?


The Asrock z77 pro4 has only a 4+2 powerphase, you could probably do some oc but im not a big fan of those pro boards, theire vrm´s are most of the time cheap.. 650 euro (im from the Netherlands my self) is realy tight, i think you probably not able to do your needs for that budget. Then you can probably better pickup the msi Z77A G43.

But if you want a realy stable and safe OC mobo then i think you will need a better board, with at least 8+4 powerphase.. to keep it all stable. The Asrock Extreme 4 with 8+4 powerphase, was the only board i could find arround 100 euro with a reasonable powerphase design. about the quality of the board, i cant tell you much, but  as far as i see reviews it seems not to be a bad board. especialy for that price point. i saw some user reviews that where very happy with it.

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Well , I could buy extreme 4  but what GPU in that case, what would you recommend instead of gtx 660(I thought maybe 650 TI Boost).Because 660 is 179 € and maybe some AMD GPU would me cheaper or something .


i dont know where you live but in the Netherlands  i saw a Club 3D 7850 2GB Royal queen on sale for 149 euros.

i saw some movies on youtube arround GTX660 vs 7850 look a bit equal.

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I live is Estonia and 7850 is 170 euros which is 9 € cheaper than 660 but will the performance be the same?

Also I found a HDD so now I don't need a Hard Disk and I 'll save 60 €. So now I can buy ASRock extreme 4 .But is there a ASUS mobo that good for oc? I can now spend 120 € on motherboard (Y) . :)


As someone who owns the Z77a-G45 (similar to the G43), I have to say that I've had a few problems with this board. Whilst I'm not sure if this is down to the motherboard or CPU, I cannot push it past 4.2Ghz without complete instability. Also, if your getting a case with a top exhaust, you need to turn the power phase LEDs off - they are rediculously bright! I cannot overclock my RAM at all, (again, could be down to the board or the RAM), and the ClickBIOS software is downright terrible (crashes all the time, no proper fan control). Aside from all this though, you get a great looking and robust board.

I used a GTX 660 in my system as it was around 5-10 fps faster in most of the games I play, although performance between the two varies. What I can say though is that this card is fine for 1080p gaming, and can even stretch to 5760x1080 if you don't want everything maxed out. One thing to consider is game bundles - you may be able to pick up a 7850 with the never settle bundle, which is a huge value add.



I made that mistake now must either buy a AMD card or get a new MOBO


i think for the price of 100 euro the Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 mit 8+4 powerphase would be a good buy.

or the Asrock Fatality Z77 performance. but this board does not have sli support. also 8+4 powerphase, red/black theme.

the extreme 4 oc fine as far as i read the reviews. on youtube you can find some reviews about those boards.

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I'll go with ASRock extreme 4 because I watched some Youtube videos about it and it shows great stability while OC-ing. Also it has good build quality.

Thanks to everyone for giving me help! :)


This thread is DEAD but…

That Asus mobo may not be stable for overclocking. However, the Msi actually is and here is proof from their official website.

The Msi Z77A-G43 has an updated BIOS with Overclock Genie 2 and also Auto OC to boost performance. These are the specific OC specifications provided in the link above.

1066/1333/1600/1866*/2000*/2133*(OC), 2200*/2400*/2600*/2667*/2800*(OC, 22nm CPU required)