MSI r9 280x under 100% load decreases core clock to 500mhz

Don't know where to really post it so I m gonna do it here. As in title. Latelty I've been runing to this problem that my r9 280x under load would decrease its core clock down to 500 mhz. It doesnt matter whether its overclocked ( 1080 core clock, 1580 memroy clock with power limit 20%) using MSI Afterburner or on the stock settings. I've tried clean installing varaity of drivers but none of them solved the problem so right now I m runing on the 16.8.2 version. I've also tried forcing constant voltage, disabling ULPS and PowerPlay but none of it fixed my problem. When it gets stuck on 500mhz the only way to make it go higher is to reboot PC. Any ideas what seems to be the problem?

Have you tried checking the temperature to see if it is not thermal throttling?

Have you tried monitoring it with different software? HW monitor said that my 980ti was running at 500-ish mhz for the longest time.

What company created it? I had a 270x for a while and it ran good using the Twin Frozr from MSI for a good while, I never had issues with it. But my buddy who had the same card with what I think was a reference cooler had similar problems.

If you have a nice roomy tower with a realistic amount of fans (let's say 2 x to push air in and 2 x to push air out) then airflow should be okay, but if you have a tight space and very scarce set of fan then perhaps airflow needs to improve? (especially if you have a reference cooler)

If you have the MSI's own twin frozr cooler on it then I'm surprised if you have heat problems. Check that both fans spin on it. There's also a small lever on the side of the card where you can choose the fan speed, setting it to high might help you a bit.

Don't use MSI afterburner for AMD cards it often has issues try using sapphire trixx if that doesn't solve the issue than try re-installing the drivers

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Yea that's the first thing i did. its running at 100% load at around 60-70 C.

I've tried monitoring it with stock AMD software, MSI Afterburner and HW monitor. All three of the say the same thing.

Its MSI twin frozr III r9 280x.And yea I am running on the reference cooler but I 've got medium tower with 1 fan to push air in and 3 to push it out. I will try setting the GPU's fans to high because I was kind of supprised that under 100% load the GPU fans were around 30%.

But its MSI card so that would be pretty odd. anyways I ve tried re installing drivers quite a few times but it didnt solve my issuse.

Okay I think I found the problem. I ve just checked the GPU fans to see if they are both spinning but the left one isnt. Any simple fixes for it or should I send it to the service?

Well first off, you're telling us that you got 1 fan pushing air in, and 3 fans pushing out. I wouldn't recommend this set up cause you're trying to have the case push more air out then it's geting in. This in return will make the case try to suck in air through all the small gaps and holes through the case that it can.

I usually I try to get more air pushing in, of course this can put a heavy side on the air flow but you risk to get less dust in.

If one of the fans isn't spinning I would try to get the graphic card out to have a quick check on the fan, see if there's any sort of hair or dust that's been tangled up in the fan that stops it form spinning. Don't dismantle it if you still got warranty, leave it in for service. If you don't got warranty but you are handy with a screwdriver and some thermal paste then you can buy of two new fans from ebay and have them replaced. It's fairly easy on the Twin Frozr.

60-70°C shouldn't be throttling the card, it's probably the power that's throttling it. Try a different PCI-e rail in your power supply.

its not, its the fan casue when i run GPU stress test for the first couple of split seconds it runs ar 1020 mhz and 100% fans but then it changesto 500 mhz and 30% cause it detects that one of the fans isnt working.

Fan replacement, or RMA it then.

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Gotta find it somewhere in the EU cause waiting 40 days for my package isnt what I want :P

Just to give you a heads up, most people who sell it in the EU imports it directly via China anyhow. (At least that's my experience)

The internet is you oyster, son.

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No joke. Last year, I RMA'd an MSI 280x and got back a brand new 390x.

Okay, finnaly had some time to clean it up. TBH I couldn't really find any guides on how to dismantle msi r9 280x fan and to clean it up so I 've un screwded it and tried to clean it with canned air + getting rid off dust that was laying there. Right now the left fan that used to be completly dead is spinning but its way slower than the left one. Does anyone know any guides on how to propelry clean those fans up?

Okay did some tests with it and right now when it is under 100% load and the fans are set to 100% the temperature slowly rises up to 100 C and in this moment the gpu decreases its core clock to 500 mhz in order to decrease the temperature so the way I see it I've changed my fan setup in my case so that right now 2 fans are pulling the air out of the case and 2 of them are pulling it in. So the only thing I can do is to try to propely clean up the leftt fan so that it works as good as the right one.