MSI PRO CARBON X370 PS2 keyboard now working until restart


I just got a new PC with the above mentioned motherboard and fancy new AMD CPU.
I have a old mechanical keyboard which I use but I am having the issue that it won't work on boot.
The keyboard leds don't even blink when I turn on the pc, nothing happens.
Once in windows if I restart the PC the keyboard leds will blink while in bios and from then on the keyboard will work fine.
It also continues to work after the PC has gone through sleep mode. It seems to be an issue with the initialization of the PS2 port. Anyone knows a way to fix that?

Did you update to the latest bios allready?

Assuming you're already on the latest BIOS, I would submit a bug report to MSI.

I did now, the problem persists, tho it managed to boot once with the keyboard still working.