MSI GTX 660 TwinFrozr III OC 2GB, or, VTX3D HD 7870 Black Ed. OC (Tahiti LE) 2GB


I'm planning on a new budget build (£500-580) soon and its been about 10 years since I've actually done one but I will use the Build a PC forum when it comes to it but for now my question is what GPU should I get? It will be purely for gaming (1080p) and general day to day use, no graphics design or anything like that.


I'm torn between the GTX 660 and the 7870. Both are the same price but from what I've been seeing they both perform pretty much the same, the 7870 being better in some games and the 660 better in others. I'm not entirely sold on PhysX as little games actually use it and seeing as most PC games these days are ports from consoles :( and both the new consoles will be using AMD cards, doesn't that mean we'll see even less games using PhysX?

I've also seen people saying that AMD cards don't have very good drivers but I don't know if this is true.

I just want the card that performs the best for gaming. I also think the 660 also has the better cooling out of the two below.




Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any input is appreciated.

Ps. I'm also planning on getting the AMD Piledriver FX-6 Six Core 6350 3.90Ghz if this effects my choice (Maybe its worth waiting for the next gen of CPU's?). Intel is too exspensive for me. I'm only planning on spending £500-£580 and AMD seem to preform well for their price.



get the 7870 xt its a much more powerful card then the 660 the one you linked is actually more powerfull then a normal 7870 because its a 7870xt and is more comparable to a 7950 so it will blow away the 660.  And the fx 6350 is a great cpu for the price and paired with a 7870xt will make a great system.

Great, thank you. I'll take your advice