MSI could be releasing an extreme dragon board thi

Here's kind of what MSI has planned for 2009 (the X790 or da65)

probably isn't a rumor since there's a picture of the board right there on their website! (or at least the box) I just stumbled upon this and I wonder how they'll make it better than the GD70. but hopefully it's a good board and looks nice.

Awesome I hope it looks as nice as the 790fx or better cause that I thought was the best looking am3 motherboard on newegg... If people haven't seen it here's the link

it looks awesome!

yah the gd70 definitely the 790FX when it comes to layout/looks/quality but we will see the da65 in due time.

790FX-GD70 dose look awesome the fact that you can put 4 double slot cards on it is really cool the X790-DA65 should be awesome because who dose not like Extreme.

I love the look of the msi 790FX-GD70, lets hope the DA65 looks just as good! :D