MSI AfterBurner/RivaTuner nor Fraps are not showing FPS In Street Fighter V

Please help guys, I tried Rivatuner and Fraps. I made sure the settings are correct, I did everything right, I even looked at a youtube tutorial on how to view fps in game with RivaTuner. I still do not see fps in Street Fighter V. What other program shows fps in game that works with every game?

Why not just turn on the FPS counter from steam itself?

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Just go into your steam settings under the "in-game" tab

Guys it is not a steam game. Maybe there is a setting in Rivatuner or Fraps that I did not configure.

You can just add a program into steam and it'll still work fine for the fps counter, I didn't know SFV was available anywhere else

I also think you can use in home streaming with any program you add into steam

Fraps should work, though it can be finicky at times.

Under the FPS tab just make sure "Hide Overlay" is not selected.