MSI 7B79 not posting with all 4 slots in use

cpu: ryzen 7 3700x
ram: Ballistix Sport LT BLS4K16G4D32AESE 64GB (16GB x4) Memory Kit (DDR4, 3200M / s, PC4-25600, CL16, Dual Rank x8, DIMM, 288-Pin) Red
mobo: MSI 7B79 x470 Gaming Plus (latest bios 7B79vAD)
psu: Thermaltake TR2 Series 700 W 80 Plus

as the title says ladies and gentlemen,
if i use all 4 slots the system will not post and will freeze in a black screen with DRAM Led on the board stack on RED.

when posting goes from cpu to dram to vga to boot leds and then posts on screen.

what we know so far:
all dims work. tested 1 by 1 they are been recognized my the mobo alone or in pairs

all slots work if tested one by one or in pairs! but not when all 4 have dims in them!

bios has everything in Auto.

cmos cleared a billlion times

2 dims work at 3200mhz 16-18-18-36 (default) v1.35Auto no xmp
3 dims boot only if 3000mhz or less but manualy set, because in auto goes to 2400mhz 3 dims
4 dims do not post in any speed (i tried auto,and everything from 1600mhz to 3200mhz with manual timmings the default values and the voltage in auto or the default 1.35v)

what am i missing?

i dont care about OC, i dont care about XMP,
i need 64GB ram and my CPU ram in default speeds for a VM home server i am building. so i need stability.

the motherboard manufacturer had the sticks in their “support” list.
it drive me crazy 3 days now i cant find any combination to make all 4 dims work at any speed and post!

p.s no pin damages on the cpu i also tried another Athlon 200G that AMD send me for free to upgrade my bios in my board.

i hope i dont have to send the mobo back because are not speaking English and they will probably say “is working on our memory” or whatever. since all dims work individually but not combined. plus the husle of refund/return takes forever!

any ideas?
any general tips on 4dims in all aslots?
timing ? voltage?

i posted in many places you are my last hope. :frowning: