MSI 7950 Twin Frozr OC heat problem?

I just bought this card and it is at stock settings (880mhz core 1250 mhz memory) but I am a bit worried about the tempreture at full load. At idle this thing sits nicely at around 35C but at full load I can get up to 85C in about 10 minutes (even with the fans ramping up to 70%). It's sitting in a nice case with a 230mm intake at the front and 4 140mm intakes on the side panal so it should have plenty of cool air and my room is around 20C. I want to use this card for at least 3 years for extensive gaming so I don't want it to break any time soon.

Is this something to worry about?


I always find it amuzing when people decide to lower their fan speed even when the card is operating at 100 percent capacity. It's especially amusing when they then start freaking out about temperatures when they're not even using the full potential of the cooler.

Do yourself a favor. Download MSI Afterburner, and set up a custom fan curve. If the card is hitting 85C, your fans should be at 100 percent.

If you want a premium card with a premium cooler, then you're going to have to put up with the noise when it's fully stressed, but most games out there shouldn't be able to stress it to 100 percent anyway. If you want it to be silent and also cool, then go water cooling.