MSI 7870 OC Edition

Hay guy,

    I'm new to the forum and I need help. I have a MSI 7870 in my pc and it will randomly crash but it does not black screen it will some times go sky blue or dark red just random colors and it will fill the screen. And it rarely recovers and I have to reboot. If some on can help that be awesome. thanks guys 

download the newest drivers. from the amd website.

But im affraid that the card is slowly dying. what psu do you use?

+1 on driver check


if just swapping drivers doesn't do it you could also remove the card, dust it out, reseat the unit in its respective slot being sure its not loose, and make sure all your cables are good and tight on both the card and monitors.

see if underclocking helps.sometimes I get some artifacts on my card too but it's relatively rare.

I have my drivers all updated. My PSU is a Corsair CX600M. I also have pics of the screen it you want to see what it looks like.

Meh, that might prolong the life, but if it is dieing, it is going to die. Had this happen to a gtx 460. Underclocked it to keep playing borderlands, and had to keep dropping the clocks. 

yes please upload pics.

That's a shame. Hopefully it is still under warranty? try this

moar voltage, unless you're at stock, then i'd see if you can warrenty it

but if you're overclocked, then lower your clocks or up the voltage

looks like a fairly standard stability crash

White screen of death doesn´t look good :(