Mr Ackle's PC Build! £1200

Hello there!

I shall be taking the big leap into building a PC and I have comprised a part list. I want you awesome techies to let me know if there is anything I could improve and finish it off for me.

The graphics card, optical drive and windows 7 are already in my possesion so the total cost at the moment is £889.33 the max budget will most likely be £1200 unless there is a part that I must have.

After reading some comment I thought I should expand what I am using this computer for. I am a gamer, video editer, after effects user and possibly going into Cinema 4D.

The parts I have added is the case, psu,  I looked at the fractal but the Corsair 500r looked more appealing in both a  begginner standpoint and looks.

Thank's again,

PCUG-Mr Ackle


Well for one thing, you have forgotten to include a case, CPU cooler, or thermal paste in your parts list.

What will you use that pc for?


£1200 pc with 16gbs of 1333 ram and a 650ti?

You need something WAY better than a 550Ti get a 670 or something and if you must downgrade to a i5

He said he already had the gpu, you forgot some parts though dude.....anyway, go with two 8gb dims for better upgradeability, you would only want the four dims if you were using a 2011 board, the msi mpower also i think is a better choice than the sabertooth.

Can you explain your reasoning behind this? I've also updated my part list at the top of the page.

yes go for a 2x8 GB kit 1866mhz. And chance the motherboard for the Msi Z77 Mpower, cause that board is cheaper, but its better.and looks more nice, the msi z77mpower board, gets hand tested out of fabrick, that means those boards getting testen with an i5 or i7 on it whith a stable oc to 4.5 ghz for 24 hours on full load, so thats gives you a guarantee its a great board.

the msi mpower is the only z77 mobo i peronly like..