Mozilla and AdBlock Recommendations

I’ve mostly used AdBlock Plus previously but as a Firefox user I switched to AdBlock Ultimate at some point based on Mozillas recommedation, yet I can’t fail to notice that AdBlock Plus has most installs but comes with a warning

> This add-on is not actively monitored for security by Mozilla. Make sure you trust it before installing.

at the same time as the next seven blockers in popularity are all either recommended or verified on this list

How do you reason about your ad blocking? What add-on do you trust and what software do you find competent? Do we know how Mozilla is reasoning here?

uBlock Origin.

  • It’s open source.
  • The primary developer has been around making ad blockers for a long time
  • Is the firefox “built in” (kind of) ad blocker for firefox on android.
  • Same guy that developed uMatrix (now dead :sob:) which I love.


I like my Pi-Hole while I’m home. blocks so much for my entire network.

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That makes a compelling argument, especially the 3rd point but the first two also apply to AdblockPlus, is there any dirt on them, is it the default acceptable ads “controversy” or some other reason why Mozilla doesn’t give them a trusted/recommended badge? They do this with a bunch of other blockers with a much smaller user base.
Archive link due to paywall

The short is, Adblock Plus, among other ad blockers, accepts money to whitelist ads and give info to advertisers.