Moving to a New Harddrive

Yes, I know this topic has already been covered, but I can't find the posts. They are too old I guess.

I have a new harddrive for my grandmother's computer, the last one went out. Right now, there is just a stand-in drive that has Windows 7 on it. The new drive is only plugged in, doesn't have Windows 7. How could I move Windows from the stand-in drive to the new one? Do I really need a USB stick and everything to make a back-up or is there a feature that allows the OS to be copied from one drive to another. I am okay with using a USB stick, but I'm pretty sure the employees at Microsoft would have made it a bit simpler to move from one drive to another.

For the record, my grandmother doesn't have an install disk or anything. The computer didn't come with one, it came with Windows pre-installed.

maybe try cloning the disk... I've used DriveImage XML in the past. Choose the Drive to Drive option.

This will make an exact copy of the existing disk on an external disk. Then you replace them. Read up on it and see if it suits your needs.