Moving on from Unraid, some questions

I have read that Unraid wasn’t built with security in mind, and from what I know, that is true. I have some free time now, so my plan is to jump ship.

My needs:

  • File server, that can be accessed from Windows or Linux, real or virtual machines
  • VM host, hardware passthrough required. (Rules out BSD based OSes, I believe)
  • Containers a bonus, but not essential.

My plan is to use Proxmox VE as the VM host and a VM with Snapraid and Samba for the file server. I am open to other suggestions.

My biggest complaint with TrueNAS is that it uses ZFS. I love the data integrity features of ZFS, but the inability to use full drives, or add drives one at a time is annoying. I know I can add another vdev, but that requires 2+ drives. So I am thinking of Snapraid.

Should Snapraid be installed on Proxmox, or in a VM? I have read that VM hosts should just be a host and not have other software, but how important is it to keep the host “pure”?

Will Proxmox overwrite my data disks? I know Snapraid is okay with full drives, but is there some step of attaching the drives to Proxmox that involves clearing the disks?