Mouse without borders alternative

So I'm on Linux now, and i really liked mouse without borders, is there a alternative or a way to do the same on linux to control my windows pc, because it's feeling kind of senseless to run a VM only for that tiny program.

There is a program called Synergy, that looks Kinda like that, I have never tried mouse without borders, so I dont Know how different it is vs synergy.

Well Infinite_Z3RO beat me to it. Synergy works great. It doesn't do the file transfers or copy/paste if that is something you need, but it does allow you to control multiple clients with a single mouse and keyboard.

It is free software, but they started charging recently if you want a compiled download through their site.

Edit (June 9): copy/paste does work. I never saw documentation for it and never tried it so I just assumed it wasn't there. Not sure exactly what they are doing with the registered/unregistered stuff. I use the latest synergy package from AUR from the command line. For windows you can download the nightly build from their site.

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are you using synergy, bcause i have some questions?

I have used it in the past, as of right now I am not using it

I would be here to help aswell. just to show you what's possible: I used to have a system with a total of up to 8 monitors at times, on up to 4 devices. All worked flawless, with some devices on WLAN and others on LAN.

With synergy or something else I'm not that hyped for synergy if I'm honest. Seems like there's one Host and many Clients what I need would be two Hosts I guess. Because I have mouse and keyboard on both of them.

It does allow Copy/Paste, at leat on Linux. No idea about windows. Its also Open souce and can be downloaded for free.