Mouse Recommandations (Lefty)


My current razer mouse is starting to develop a double klick issue (about 10% of the time normal click is detected a a double click)
The mouse is about 4 years old so its time to get something new.

The following is Important for me:
- I use my Mouse lefthanded, so it should be unsiversal or ergonomic for lefties
- As ergonomic as possible (I will use it about 5+ hours a day)
-I have quiet large hands
- Special Buttons and gimmicks like that are not important
- Bugdet: arround 50€ /60$ but thats not set in stone

I hope someone has some good recommandations, its not so easy to find a nice lefty mouse.

Mionix makes a bunch of ambidextrous mice maybe take a look at them.