Mouse is Laggy and Weird in Games

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this…

The mouse when playing games seems laggy in games such as Battlefield 2042 and Destiny 2. This is happening when using looking glass and I know looking glass is not the problem because it also happens in GeforceNow game streaming. If I pass the keyboard and mouse to the VM and switch video inputs to the VM instead of using looking glass the mouse is normal in games. Again, I know this is not a looking glass problem because using GeforceNow game streaming in the VM is normal as well. It seems to be a problem with the mouse in Linux.

It is a shame that I can not even play games in GeforceNow in linux.

My System:

$ neofetch 
                   -`                    [email protected] 
                  .o+`                   ------------ 
                 `ooo/                   OS: Arch Linux x86_64 
                `+oooo:                  Host: Z390 AORUS MASTER 
               `+oooooo:                 Kernel: 5.15.10-arch1-1 
               -+oooooo+:                Uptime: 30 mins 
             `/:-:++oooo+:               Packages: 964 (pacman) 
            `/++++/+++++++:              Shell: bash 5.1.12 
           `/++++++++++++++:             Resolution: 3840x1080 
          `/+++ooooooooooooo/`           DE: GNOME 41.2 
         ./ooosssso++osssssso+`          WM: Mutter 
        .oossssso-````/ossssss+`         WM Theme: Adwaita 
       -osssssso.      :ssssssso.        Theme: Adwaita-dark [GTK2/3] 
      :osssssss/        osssso+++.       Icons: Adwaita [GTK2/3] 
     /ossssssss/        +ssssooo/-       Terminal: gnome-terminal 
   `/ossssso+/:-        -:/+osssso+-     CPU: Intel i9-9900K (16) @ 5.000GHz 
  `+sso+:-`                 `.-/+oso:    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Rev. A 
 `++:.                           `-/+/   GPU: Intel CoffeeLake-S GT2 [UHD Graphics 630] 
 .`                                 `/   Memory: 5294MiB / 31960MiB

…I was not sure where to post this, it is not a harware issue because my mouse is ok. It seems to be a Linux issue so I posted here.

Sounds like a game issue not a Linux issue :wink: Which is to say I don’t know about that Destiny game but a friend who plays Battlefield 2042 on bare metal Win was p*ss3d about the input being garbo on top of a million other gripes. Battlefield 2042 is a massive pile right now so probably best to not waste your time trouble shooting and just wait/hope they patch.

what mouse? what sensor.
does hit have acceleration settings?
does the sensor have an issue with negative acceleration.

i have a g502 and its fine on windows. but if i load up kali on the metal the mouse is sluggish and i have to hit the dpi change button to up the dpi to a usable speed.

i know this aint much use, im just saying it seems to be an issue in linux with some mice.

Linux does have some strange behavior with the g502, but I wouldn’t say its the real issue here. Ive got a g502 on arch xorg and its fine in D2 over looking glass. Laggy and weird, I’m interpreting as input lag.

OP, check dmesg to see if there are any issues being spammed, also, are you on xorg or Wayland?

I am using Wayland. The thing I found strange is GeforceNow ( game streaming should work fine in Linux if it works fine in Windows. I will check dmesg I use a M65 mouse.

I found a setting in Tweaks that has a mouse profile to disable mouse acceleration. This fixed it. I really wish that all of the settings for Gnome were in one place.

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