Mouse and shtuff

Looking into building a gaming/editing pc and obviously if I'm going to use it I need a mouse and keyboard.

For the Keyboard I'm thinking I'll go for the cheapest board with Brown's or Black's in it.  But for the mouse I'm not so sure... I have no experience at all with fancy mice... I use a logitech m325 for my laptop... (and all the hardcore gamers just stifled a gag)

I have longer hands and feel most comfortable when I'm palming. (though I really havn't found a mouse I can easily palm without my fingers being about an inch too long)  So any help you guys can give me would be dandy =P

Logitech g600 and Func MS3 for palm-grip. I love my g600 for my grip - it's massive, and has lots of buttons :) Also, up to 8200 DPI! I've never used a Func mouse, but I have heard great things about their MS3. I still highly recommend Func for mousepads; the 1030 XL is my favorite mousepad ever :D

Logitech G400 and for the keyboard check the suggestions in this thread and the r/mechanicalkeyboards wiki