Mouse (and keyboard) macros on linux

So, i've been thinking to switch over to Linux. I've tried Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mint, Slax & Porteus. Just a note, i removed Ubuntu from my PC cause the Ubuntu partition simply took too much space from my SSD, so no, i can't currently try any fancy terminal tricks.

Anyway, would it be possible to use predefined macros with mouse that has built in memory for that purpose (e.g. Roccat Tyon and some Mionix mice i think), cause i don't know or couldn't find if it works with other OS than Windows. I think i've seen a keyboard that can do the same trick.

I kindly ask you fine people who own a mouse (or keyboard) capable of that to test it out, cause i don't own any myself. Also it would be great if you could post the mouse (or keyboard) and distro you tested it on.

It depends if the manifacturer provides drivers for Linux.
In this case roccat does, if you want to know which devices are supported, how to install the driver, etc... head over here.