Mountain Computing

I live on top of a mountain.

Just got a 10mbps connection with a privately owned ISP using point-to-point antennas licensed to broadcast 900mhz.

I use a Sager 17" i7-3820qm 16gb GTX675M

Now that I'm no longer living in a van, I should ask... If you were going to deck out a media system from scratch, for like 5k, what system components would you use?

I'm thinking to ditch the laptop for a central tower, with a monitor on the desk, projector for the couch, external sound card and surround sound, wireless keyboard and mouse. Then is there some kind of half-decent remote desktop software for my android phone? I have remote VLC set up, but its kind of limited. I have no idea what I'm doing but I have a hammer and can weld.

I have electricity most of the time, and a lithium UPS is in the works, but no tablets, no tv, no cable, and no land line phone... speaking of which, what voip should I use? There is no cell network of any kind up here.