Moto X

So I have been in need of a new phone for a while now, I have had the same non-smartphone for going on 5 years now. I want to get something that is fast and will last a long time. I can't get the OnePlus One sadly because I use Verizon (yes I know.) I saw the new MotoX was released and was wondering if this was a good choice because  I will never use an apple device if I don't have too.

i cant comment on the moto X directly, but i got a moto G a couple months back (its basicly a toned down, cheaper version i guess) and i'm really impressed with motorola's ease of use, and the extremely low amount of crapware that comes with the phone (compared to for ex. samsung's s-apps) and how easy it is to remove the motorola stuff.

not really applicable to you, but motorola has an app that at the push of a button copies all the apps and their data from your old phone to your new one (and is easily removed afterwards)

the battery life on my moto G has also proven to be superior to most other phones i've seen, and i heard the X is along the same path here. i believe luke (from linustech) actually has one, and the battery lasts trough the day perfectly.

you're gonna want to tinker with it a bit as the android that comes installed is fairly minimal, stock android. (this might actually be to your liking as you're not a smartphone user -yet- and everything is nice and simple)

I can testify to this and yes SONY does have a nice line of phones in a variety of sizes.

Keep in mind the following when buying sony phones, if you get a carrier branded phone (lock) then you will be constrained to the carriers update schedule. 2nd sony phone come with the Xperia UI although they have released a couple of phones running android play ed.

Verizon has the Z3 flagship releasing soon:

Gen 1 of the Moto X works fairly well for me. Gen 2 should be similar. I like how Motorola tried its best to give the user a stock version of android.

have the 2013 Moto X, no complaints at alll.

So my non-smartphone that I have had for almost 5 years now has finally became unusable. The screen died when I shut the phone and I can't seem to fix it. I have placed an order for the MotoX 2014 model I should have it by Tuesday. I can't wait to have a smartphone finally. I got to use one that  friend has and I really liked the feel of the phone. :D


So here is an update. I hate Verison, they said I could upgrade to the MotoX then suddenly when it had come in I was told I couldn't. Gah! I hate them so much...oh well I was able to get the Droid Turbo instead. It is actually a faster phone than the MotoX with a better CPU, more ram, a 1440p screen over a 1080p, and it only 10 bucks more! :D

It was for me yes.

I have the moto x right now and so far it has been great.  I haven't had any issues with the only problem being the camera which was hit and miss.  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone especially now because it will probably be the first phone after the nexus phones to get the android 5.0 update.

I had the Moto X 1st gen, it was great. The second Gen will be great as well.