Moto X or HTC One M8

Well so basically ive been planning on getting the Moto X for a few weeks now i heard many good things about it and stuff, it has low specs but can compete with more high end phones. It is $398 right now in Australia. But my carrier is Vodafone and ive been planning to change to optus. But in Vodafone i have a chance to upgrade to the HTC One M8 for free but that would make me stay at vodafone for an extra 1-2 years, however if i get the Moto X i can change to Optus and there will be some benefits for me because my Internet Service Provider is Optus.

im so stuck i really want the Moto X but i have to spend money and i get to change to Optus

if i get the HTC, i get it for free but i have to stay with Vodafone

I live in Australia by the way, i just want to know if the higher end HTC is just as fast as the Moto X 

I personally have a m=Moto x and couldn't be happier I typically would say Moto x if you don't use your speaker too much. If your a real speaker snob then the M8 is the way to go but if you want a nice android experience then its a total toss up. The Moto x does have active display and what not while the M8 is just "hey I got android whoohoo!" but that's just my opinion.

I'd give it a few weeks, the second generation Moto X should be launching soon.

Actually i was wrong it just a HTC One M7, btw is the M7 the same as Htc One? Im so confused please forgive my ignorance XD.

Im in Australia, how do i know if the second generation moto x will release here on the same day? Because the Moto X has just become available in Australia only a few months ago

The HTC one is better (in my opinion) but the moto x is cheaper

The M7 is the same as the One from last year.  The HTC One is better than the Moto X on paper but in real world performance they're really close.  The software features of the Moto X absolutely steal the show though.  I can't imagine going to a phone without legitimate Active Display anymore.

And I know you can get a similar feature on any android device but it isn't the same due to the fact that the Moto X's AMOLED display can only power necessary pixels which leads to better battery life.

I swore by my Nexus 5 for months too, now that I have a Moto X I wouldn't go back to it.

Ok thanks guys appreciate the answers :)

another thing, which color do you recommend for Moto X, black or white? I would use Moto Maker but not available where im from

That's personal preference.  Mine's white and it doesn't seem to attract dirt but I'm super careful with my phone.

While I don't have the Moto X I do have the Note II with a Super AMOLED display and the custom ROM I use has active display, it is fantastic. That for me would win the tossup between the Moto X and the HTC One.