Which moto-vloggers do you watch?
To start the ball rolling:
3 from the UK

Royal Jordanian
Showing the world how to filter through London’s traffic,
on his gorgeous Husqvarna Nuda 900R
(Yes, lane splitting is legal here in the UK(and most of Europe))

Cracking lad, rode a 125 for years, finally got himself a DRZ

Polite vest hating, Mr. Double Bloody Decker himself.

I have dabbled myself but I don't ride enough and my voice nor personality suits it ha.

I tend to stick to the bigger channels. Mostly Walteriffic, Do It With Dan, Suburban Delinquent. They remind me of friends I had or have. I like the way they produce their videos and the things they document are mostly funny, interesting or positive.

Not US:
Riding on a d2 (India)

Fun watching a different environment. India is sketchy as fug.

AdjrianNickelodeon (Austialia)
YourPalsChrisAndAl (Austialia)
Most hilarious retards.

Jake TheGardenSnake
Arson Rides
Do it With Dan
...and all the rest of those cunts

I sub to pretty much everyone mentioned above also chase on two wheels another of the more main stream people. If you are interested in seeing some just gorgous views check out Swiss Biker some of his vides go through the swiss mountains and has made it onto my "ride before I die" lists.

bakerXderek is one of my favourites. The guy it's crazy funny and does all kinds of things, he has grown pretty good as a youtube/motovlogger over the las few years and he has kept it humble.

The laughters I've had with this guy, he may have heard me from the other side of the planet. LOL