I'm putting my motherboard in my case I have my risers and the holes don't match up to my motherboard what should I do to fix my problem

First of all make sure your case supports your motherboard sze (ATX, mATX etc). Maybe just tell us what case / mobo you are using.
If the standoffs were preinstalled then that could well be your problem.
If not try using a piece of paper to draw out where you need to put the standoffs to help you.
Also ensure the mobo is properly pushed against the io shield so the standoffs aren't partially covered if the motherboard is slightly out of line.

Unscrew and move the risers so they do match up.

Attach the motherboard directly to the underside of your desk


Could you maybe provide a bit more info about which motherboard you have,
And which case?

Thanks guys I figured it out I didn't have my back plate pushed in correctly so it wasn't lining up 😀