Motherboard with no PS/2 Ports solution

So today I got a 6gV2 from steelseries because it was very cheap (40 pounds).
The thing is I own a Maximus Formula VI and it has no PS/2 for a keyboard or mouse.
This keyboard it needs to be plugged in a ps/2 port to be able to get the  anti-ghosting 104 keys press instead of the 6 key press when plugged in a USB.
So there is any way for me to get the 104 key press?

Btw it comes with an USB to PS/2 adaptor.

Use the adapter and put up with it

PS/2 PCI card. 

But it's really not worth it. Considering that it's any 6 keys + modifiers I doubt that you'll ever notice absence of NKRO. Ghosting is a problem on cheap keyboards where you can't press some of the keys simultaneously because of how they are grouped. 

I think you didn't understand.
The keyboard has an USB plug and it comes with a USB to PS/2 adaptor. I have no PS/2 port on my mobo, therefore the adaptor can't be used.


I don't have empty PCI slots on my PC, so I can't use it at all.

Well it sucks, I really wanted to try the 104 key press.

yeah, when gaming you're generally 2 fingers short of needing it, and i refuse to believe anybody can type so fast that they hit 7 keys in the time the keyboard takes recognize one

I have a mechanical keyboard with NKRO and I don't notice any difference while gaming. Even in FPS games 4 at the same time is already unreasonable. As I already said, if there are no conflicting key groups, 6KRO is plenty. 

Thanks guys! Well at least now I have a spare keyboard, i guess. /.-