Motherboard suggestion for threadripper 3990x

my prinary purpose:

  • host my calendar, files (email and website in future)
  • compile my own android apps
  • run boinc for couple of hours

my desktop must contain:

  • 256 GB RAM
  • ? GB RAM (gpu, i dont know maximum)
  • optical drive
  • 1 tb hdd (os installation (win 10 & opensuse), 1 tb sdd (backing up files)
  • keyboard, mouse, monitor
  • cooling (which one is best?)

initially i want to buy “gigabyte trx40 arous xtreme”. but on second thought when i read reviews on ecommerce websites, most of them are negative. i am back to square one.

i request to suggest a motherboard (compulsory) and supported devices with model numbers (optional). i would to prefer to use with default settings and configuration. i am expecting life expetancy 3 years. of course, there is a learning curve and search engines to resolve issues.

Hi Its all depends on whether your system will be Air-cooled or Liquid cooled

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