Motherboard Selection Help

Hi everyone,

Got the idea for my first pc build from teksyndicate and I am currently in the process of ordering hardware. My build is using an AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7GHz Quad-Core ProcessorXFX Radeon R9 285 2GB Double Dissipation Video Card. I will also be using an SSD and an HDD, and I will probably only be using a max of 8GB of RAM.

My question is: How do I go about selection the correct motherboard for my pc build?

I don't need a super-powerful motherboard (I'm not looking to overclock).

I will be using this pc for light gaming (World of Warcraft mostly) and other basic functions. My budget is flexible but I would prefer to keep the price of the motherboard under $150. The case I am using is a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 ATX.

Thanks guys and if anymore information is needed just ask!

you select the mothorboard that have the apu socket then you look at the I/O and pci slots to see if they satisfy your fancy ^_^. then once that is complete you select one with a colour scheme. if you care about that who thing. hope this helped

in pc part picker select your chip then click on motherboard selection and it will have every board that fits that chip.

Just did that, thank you!