Motherboard running single channel RAM instead of dual channel. Help

So my motherboard which has 4 RAM slots (I only use 2(A1 and B1)) and I have 2x4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600mhz  RAM. Now my motherboard recognizes both sticks, but it's only running it in single channel mode in the BIOS and on CPU-Z. I have an ASRock 970 extreme4. How do I change it? I have switched the RAM slots, and I couldn't find any settings to change the mode. They both run the speed, timings,etc. Help, please.

I happen to have the same exact mobo. In the manual it states that if you use 2 dimm's with a mem freq range of 2000/1866/1800/1600, to install them on A2 and B2 slots. I haven't had any problems with Corsair Vengence 1600. Have you looked to see if its a manufactuer supported dimm?

I looked on Crucial's website and they said that it's supportd but then I checked ASRocks website and it tells me it's not. I will try to put them into A2 and B2 slots and see what it says. Thanks.