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Motherboard requires 8+4 pin CPU connectors?

I have a computer that I pulled from the trash. The original power supply is dead so I plugged in one of my own. The motherboard has an 8 pin CPU connector and then right below that has another 4 pin connector. The original power supply has the necessary plugs, but mine does not.

By plugging my 8 pin connector into the motherboard and leaving the 4 pin socket empty, I did successfully power on the computer and boot into the BIOS. Confirming that is was the old PSU.

I'm wondering if its actually going to draw enough power to matter or not? The CPU says its a intel core 2 quad clocked at 3GHz.

The extra 4 pin is not necessary. It just provides a bit more juice for extreme overclocking or if you have a lot of PCIE devices plugged in. Keeps the slots fully powered

Yeah its not really needed like @DerKrieger allready said.
its more like a marketing gimmick most of the time.

Awesome. I do have a GTX 645m that does not have a connection from the PSU. It only draws power from the motherboard. But that would get its power from the 24 pin motherboard connection, right?

Yeah. It's just a safe guard really if all the PCIE slots are loaded with high draw cards. It is completely unnecessary to use with your GPU.

Plug in your card and don't worry about it lol

K, thanks man