Motherboard Raid 1 rebuild

So I have a server with an AMD Athlon X4 640 with a gigabyte motherboard and two 300 gb WD Green drives. I wanted to replace these two with a really nice Intel 800gb 3510 SSD. When I went to copy the ~200gb of data, I accidentally unplugged the power for one of the WD greens, and the machine booted with an Nvidia degraded drive error. I re-plugged it in and tried to "rebuild" the mirror in the bios, and now the whole thing will not boot. i tried booting with each drive alone and neither works, but oddly, the SSD when removed and plugged into another computer has almost all of the files of the WD drives including the partition.

This server is really important, and the last usable backup is two weeks old (who knew backups sometimes do not work?). What can I do to recover the data on the drives? Is there some way to fix one drive (do not care about the mirror) so it is actually bootable? I only wanted to upgrade to a nice commercial SSD.

If you have the data valid on one of the HDD drives, it should contain all the data from the original partition. Unless you have data corruption. Original copy or the Mirrored copy, the boot sector is contained on both drives.

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Neither can boot windows. Much of the data is on the SSD (which probably means the rebuild tried to rebuild using the SSD as well as the other two drives).

Should I simply try to grab what I can off the drives, or is there a way to re-build? When I tried to rebuild in the bios, it would not do anything when I hit "R" for rebuild.

What options do I have?

Trying to rebuild it without the SSD installed might work. Building the RAID 1 with the SSD will just mirror the data across to the SSD as well. I would delete all the data from the SSD and then use a partitioning tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard to copy the complete RAID 1 onto the new SSD. 9/10 though you would be better off doing a fresh install on the SSD then reinstalling your needed programs then using the SSD OS to copy over files that you want/need from the old copy of windows.

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Well blimey theres your problem! You have windows installed for some reason!

Seriously use something else :P Wondering if you got this resolved after all though :3

Dude this isn't a windows error, this is a RAID array error usually caused by user error. Usually it's fixable.

Windows vs Linux debates belong in their respective forum threads.

I wouldn't be on WIndows if it weren't for shitty driver support for the Broadcom BCM4360 wireless chipset outside of kernel 3.13

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