Motherboard problems

So, yesterday I was playing some tf2 and my PC froze. Lovely, right? I hit the reset button and on startup it freezes at this point:

When I try going into startup repair this happens:

It froze. Again. Lovely, isn't it's
I have Ubuntu on the system and bootable USB with windows in hand.
Windows 7 64 bit
Msi 970-g46
Gtx 760

Update: Cant boot from anything. Ubuntu, bootable usb (tried two different ones that I know work.) and am looking for a new mb.
Currently this is looking like the one I am getting but if you have another one to recomend then do so.,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

If you have all your stuff backed up as is, you might as well just reinstall it

safe mode instead of startup repair . then system restore to an earlier point

if you dont have your stuff backed up you can boot into the Ubuntu and use a USB disk to back your files off directly. then reinstall windows. You can also boot windows in safe mode and try to repair you startup files. (I have had moderate success doing this myself, so good luck!). My general rule is when windows is broken, just reinstall it.

This, also, $5 that motherboard has shit the bed. I have a deep seated hate for the Msi G43 and G46. Both of them are complete and utter shit, and should not be used with any AMD 8 core part. Those boards are just so problematic, I would never recommend using or purchasing one. I would personally replace that motherboard while your working on the computer.

I have a feeling you are completely right. I can't seem to even boot into my USB drive. Ubuntu won't boot. I do have the money to replace the board, but I don't want to spend the money. If it is dead I'll see if irs still under warranty (I doubt it) and send it for rma. If not I'll buy some cheap am3+ beard to vet me buy until I have enough saved to rebuild my PC.

Take the board out and look at the bottom of the board, under the section where the VRM is located. It is not unlikely that you will find a discoloring or burning in that spot. I would recommend you do not attempt to ever boot that board again and replace it with something like this:,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

I have the previous revision of this board and it is absolutely awesome. I recommend it 100% It has a proper VRM design and a more up to date feature set, which cannot be said for many AM3+ boards anymore.

Hah. I'm bot dropping a hundred bucks in a PC I plan on replacing anyways.

I'll look for the burning tomorrow when I get the chance. Maybe I'll find a cheap am3+ board in Craigslist to get me by. Maybe I'll buy Intel because AMD won't fucking release zen. (Which is what I planned on waiting to upgrade my PC for)

$80 after the rebate :3 I mean I would do it personally. You can drop the $80 and re-purpose the computer after you upgrade to Zen or Skylake. FreeNas, eh? eh? Idk, you could make it a virtualization server or do something else fun with it when you upgrade.

Well actually, once I get my paycheck for this week, my uncle pays me and if I was to sell my current pc (with a cheap new motherboard) I would have around $1200 to spend. I might look into that once I get back from vacation. I just kinda wanna wait for zen.

I do enjoy freenas stuff, but there is nowhere to put the pc to have it running all day.

I just wish windows would stop fucking destroying itself after a month or two every time I re-install it. All of the threads I've made in the last 6 months have been about fixing windows. (to what I remember)

If theres a cheap motherboard on craigslist Ill buy it, if not Ill get a good new one.

And holy fuck thank you for reminding me about freenas, there is a freenas box out there that is dying with very important information on it that I need to fix. Needs new hard drives from what I can tell.


/End thread

I will send an email to the guy that needs to pay for the drives. Luckily He'll buy them because he likes having new fancy computer things! also, what is this shit: ?
It's AM3+, but it has integrated graphics? I kinda want this now. Know anything about it?

Its the previous generation of chipset, which is why it has an iGpu, that has had a bios update to support the newer FX series of processors. I feel bad calling them the "Newer" FX series of processors as they are old as fuck in computer land but whatever. I wouldn't really recommend that board though. Its a 4+1 phase power design, same as your G46, and will also overheat and probably die in a 6 months to a year. The cooling on it is slightly better but its still shite in comparison to a proper 990FX or 970 board, but better than the G43 which is the board that makes me somewhat despise MSI on a petty level.

For reference the G43 is the same board as the G46 but with a 4pin EPS power instead of the standard 8 pin, with no heatsink at all on the VRM. Otherwise its the same board as the G46. The sad part is that Microcenter bundles the 8350 with the G43 for $30, which is why its that much more of a problem.

I saw one light on fire with an 8350 installed :3

boot on ubuntu and copy your personal files on a external hard drive, reinstall windows 7

Tried, dead motherboard,

I must say though, the g46 lasted about 4 years.
But either way I would like to spend around $50 for a new board because I'm cheap.
Ill spend a bit more, but I dont want to.

And thank you for writing my post for me

You got the 1 in 100! Nice!

There are some boards that a tad bit cheaper than the Gigabyte I listed above but none are as good.

If that is the case, I will problably wait untill the morning, see if there is burn marks on the motherboard and see what people have to say about what motherboard to get. Right now Ill probably get the Gigabyte one you listed, but we'll see.

I know what the problem is! Its that Windows thing you use.

Solution: Install Linux ^_^

He had Linux on a USB and it didn't boot either. I get that your trying to make a joke but C'mon at least read the thread. Its a blatant motherboard problem not an OS related issue at all