Motherboard power consumption between chipsets

Hi there guys,

So it happens that I am in progress of building Unraid NAS. Main target is low power consumption and additionally to have just a few horsepower to run VMs like pfsense, nextcloud and few others. After extensive search I found muself CPU I want to use and bought it. It is E3-1265L V4. Reasons why it was chose as “this is the one” is that it is only 35W. I know, it is VERY odd duck as it is fairly new CPU for suck old socket.

Now the question arise to me as I need to buy LG1150 socket motherboard Does power consumption is higher on Z97 than H97?

Additional factors that would need to be taken into consideration:

It would be needed to have at least 3x PCI-e slots. They will be used for:

  • GPU (passthrough to VMs)
  • 10GBPs NIC
  • Potentially for additional SATA (possibly SAS) controller/RAID controller in future when adding more drives

I am looking to use DD3L RAM (again, power consumption).

Currently I am looking to get MSI z97 LGA Gaming 5 or Gaming 7 motherboards (but nothing was decided yet if this motherboard or any other)

I know, it would not have big impact (if any) on overall power consumption but it is more like out of curiocity. In a longrun I am looking to power it and other IT devices by solar (to cover power consumtion to be correct) and in UK is not so sunny, especially in winter days so would like to have low power consumtion on NAS, thats why I am looking to consume as low power as possible.

Dont judge me for overfocusing, I just like to tinker and build well thought out devices. :slight_smile:

It is rare CPU and I found it to buy in one place(it is already on the way):

Linky to CPU:


Chipset power consumtion differentce on motherboard H97 and Z97. Is there known power consumption differene between chipsets?

TDP spec on all of them is the same - 4.1W -

I suspect all of them will actually come down to motherboard design more than chipset.

Personally I would be inclined to look for a motherboard based on Q87/C226 chipset so that you have the potential for using VPro (so remote KVM/IPMI support, or a close approximation of it).

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Thank you for great answer. I am afraid Q87/C226 would not be sufficient as theyy will not support CPU I am going to use. Also, IPMI is not necessary for me. If I am going to run into issues and will need restart I will have it connected to smart socket anyway. Other than that, Unraid is installable to flash drive anyway :slight_smile:

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