Motherboard pins bent (LGA 1150)

After delidding my i5 4670k and scratching a small portion of its green PCB on the right side, I placed it back in the CPU socket after adding new thermal paste (Noctua NT-H1) in the IHS. I turned on my computer - and my motherboard was showing an error that my RAM wasn't installed nor compatible. I was guessing the problem was caused by dust between the CPU and the CPU socket, so I took the CPU out, but what I found was not dust, but bent motherboard pins. I was devastated and thought it was the end of my motherboard, but I remembered Kyle from Awesomesaucenews encountering the same problem in his build videos and fixed it by adjusting the pin's position back to its normal place, so I did the same thing using a needle, but there was one more problem, only "one" out of all the motherboard pins lost its golden round head - those things that shine prominently with golden dots on the CPU socket. And here I really thought this was the end - but I placed back the CPU on the motherboard hoping that it would still work - and it did. I tested the system and played a couple of games and everything seems to be fine. How could this be possible? One motherboard socket pin lost its golden round head and yet the whole system seems to work accordingly. Any idea guys?

The little gold round head only helps to make contact to the cpu. Even with them broke off if the pin itself can make contact with the according spot on the cpu it will still work fine. If the system works don't question it, however I would recommend not removing the cpu again, you may not be so lucky the next time.  

Someone mentioned on Tom's hardware that if some of the motherboard socket pins don't make contact with the CPU, it would fry them both, but that didn't happen to me, I even turned it on and off and resetted the RAM couple of times - weird. 

Linus did a video on this, but on the LGA2011 platform.

You may have shortened the life span of your motherboard and possibly the CPU also. Like psigus said above ... refrain from taking it apart again and start saving your money up for a replacement.

If you can RMA still ... I know first hand that  some companies will only charge you less than half price for a new one (even if it is your fault) as I have done many RMAs for people.

This guy is right, the biggest difference here would only be the amount and arrangement of pins as both are LGA. You should really take a look at this video.