Motherboard HELP!

I have a bunch of parts that are compatible with the things below. Anyways i bought a motherboard not knowing that the parts werent compatible, so know Icneed a new one


Details (Must Be's)



-Phenom ii


-2 PCI Express 2.0 x16







The motherboard should be compatible, you can use AM3 cpus in AM2, AM2+, AM3, and AM3+ motherboards as long as they support the CPUs wattage so as long as you didn't get a FM1 or FM2 or an intel socket it should be compatible

i would recommend the Asus M5A97 R2.0 for this cpu. and single gpu setup.

if you want a board for dual gpu setups then the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0

if you're going for budget with decent overclocking options and your case is ATX (7 PCI backplates) I'd go with this one ^

Ok but how do you install drivers to it... My current motherboard has no VGA imput so i cant connect it to my monitor. My graphics crad has dvi which is supported by my monitor but there are no drivers on it

*THE MOTHERBOARD MUST ALSO HAVE A VGA SLOT SO I CAN INSTALL DRIVERS* VGA slot for drivers? have no clue what that is.

If its a VGA port you mean its normally on the GPU unless you have a CPU with onboard GPU, and thats not for installing anything.

This board would be my choice,

according to their CPU list, you should be fine with that CPU, see for your self here.

If you need more, please ask.


You can get a DVI to VGA adaptor, its in every GPU box, i'm sure you can get one free if you ask around heh.

But no one should be useing a VGA port in this day and age, is it your screen or your GPU missing drivers? its quite confusing, I would google my model numbers and go search for drivers on the respective brand pages.

I put contected my graphics card to my monitor using dvi but there arent drivers on the graphics card so nothing is showing up on my screen

it shouldn't need drivers to work, it needs drivers to work at its full potential, but it should function just fine out of the box

is it pluged into the pci-e socket closest to the cpu, is it pluged into the power supply, is the monitor set to run on the dvi input (you'd be surprised how often you need to fix that in the monior settings)

driver is software to control the GPU

PCI-E 16x is a slot the GPU goes into

VGA is the female analog connector that you plug in a cable to connect to your monitor

if all your GPU has is DVI, then you need an DVI to VGA adaptor if your monitor doesn't have a DVI connector