Motherboard for my 8350

I know everything keeps coming back to Asus but what about the other high end boards. Msi, Asrock ,Gigabyte is there other options i am not considering. I might overclock to .5 or so but mostly its a always on build.

Asrock Extreme 9 12+2 powerphase digi vrm, and high quality goldplated capacitors.Those specs are good looking, its theire top of the line mobo.

But i still prefer a Asus  like Asus rog or Sabertooth.

  1. Asus croshair formula R2.0  8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  2. Asus Sabertooth Gen 3 8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  3. Asrock Extreme 9  12+2 powerphase digi vrm
  4. Asus sabbertooth 990FX R2.0 8+2 powerphase digi vrm

thease are the highend boards i personaly recommend.

Grtz Angel.

Ty, I am just struggling with the lack of options is all. We all know what i am going to end up getting.


yeah well i realy hope asus , will come up with some new AM3+ Gen 3 boards someday..


I really hoping they do it sooner than later. I hate msi, lol. Asrock had a very bad quality issues. and giga is just unknown to me.


yeah unfortunatly i think it has everything to do with intel... in my oppinnion mobo manufacturers seems to be more interested in intel platform then in amd.

What about the Gigabyte UD7 990FX? If you can find one, it is a fantastic board, with a super strong VRM, and lots of beefy power to drive really any OC you can throw at it.

Thanks  another option.

im personaly not a  fan of gigabyte am3+ boards at all, but yeah its an option...

that i personaly not recommend ☺

I kno uve allready gone over the asus but i just wanted to put my opinion in becuase i bought one ive had no issues with it at all and ive got up to 4.7 ghz on a h100 i know the board can handle more but the cooler cant. Ive had it running nonstop (except for power outages) for the past 6 months its a fantastic board but the only other board i ever used for this cpu was a cheap 100$ biostar borad and that was a piece of shit so i cat say anything about gigabyte our anyone else.

I think our biggest problem over on the AMD side of the hardware race is that we have been using essentially the same socket form-factor with only a few minor changes since 2006. I think the socket needs a complete update not just a few pins added here or there.

Ya thats kind of what i had in mind for mine . For me, i know this cpu is going to generate alot of heat . So it has to be a board that can take the heat 24/7 .

Really leaning towards crosshair formula,  for the graphics side with a little overclock head room.

The crosshair formula is ofc a great board, great overclocker. but its also the most expensive one. if you like the color theme, then go for it..

But if you can find a Asus Sabertooth Gen 3 for a reasonable price, then i would go for that one, because it has the same quality vrm´s and powerphase. but it also has pci-e 3.0. and in the Netherlands that board is cheaper then the crosshair formula