Motherboard drivers

I'm new to the forum's, I do watch all his video's but i joined the forum out of my need of urgent help.

Today I installed my new motherboard- Asus Sabertooth r2.0 with my new CPU- FX8350 and cooler- H80i.

The problem is that before i installed them i did not download the drivers for my new mobo.

I believe i have a few options-

1) Buy new OS (dont really want to do this) 

2) Put Linux onto a usb and boot from that then download the drivers then boot from my OS on HDD.

3) (unsure if this works) Download drivers on USB then somehow use them to boot up then move them to HDD.

4) Boot up on old mobo and CPU download drivers then use new mobo and everything will be fine.

If anyone can advice on which is best and will work it would be much appreciated.



when changing mobo and cpu its is best to do a fresh install of windows. if you have a legit copy right now just torrent the install disk and reuse old key. 

Problem is it came pre-installed on the old computer which I'm using the HDD.
So there is no product key, which i know about and no CD lol 

ahh in that case get a windows activator from torrent as well and your gold. i know im bad but i refuse to pay for a product twice.

So I've found an activator, would you be able to give me a walkthrough guide on how to use that to get my PC up and running again please?

As this is all very new to me.

if its a daz loader its click and go 

So i download it, put it onto memory stick then what?

When i start pc up it goes into BIOS (UEFI) then says 'windows loading files' then wont go any further. gets stuck about a third through then wont budge.

you need to reinstall windows

or make a dvd from

go in to the bios and tell it to boot from your usb/dvd 

when you have windows set up just run the loader

Ok, thank you very much! I will try this now!