Motherboard compatibility

is the fx8350 compatible with 

It is but I would advise getting a 990 chip set for a FX8350, something like this:

Why is it advised? Do I have too, I have enough money for the cpu only.

downgrade to the 8320 and overclock the shit out of it on this:

the power delivery on the 970 chipset won't drive an octacore CPU...

Is it still good for streaming like the 8350?

well its not the chipset that makes the power delivery, its the power delivery design it self, the problem with "cheaper" 970 chipsetboards is that most of them have only a 4+1 powerphase and analog cheaper vrm´s and mosfets. THe 8 cores are realy powerhungry, so its better to buy a board with a decent power design. on the 970 chipset there is a Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 board which has a 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm. this board handles 8 cores without problems, the only problem is that this particular motherboard is hard to get outside Europe. Gigabyte has also a 970 chipsetboard the GA-970A-UD3P this is a new version of the previous UD3H. This board has a 8+2 powerphase, but im not sure if they also used digi vrm´s and decent mosfets on this board i have to do some research on this point.. It never bottered me because im not a big fan of gigabyte am3+ boards at all, because all of the issues in the past with them.

Anyway a Asus M5A99X evo R2.0 has a 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm, totaly fine for an 8core, the FX8320 is the same cpu as the FX8350. but only lower clocked. they just put the multiplier down.

The thing is I have enough for the cpu, I already have the motherboard.

well honnestly if you are able to safe money, i would personaly grab a FX8350 or FX8320 thats your choice, then save some money, and upgrade the motherboard asap, dont overclock!!!

What is your current cpu by the way?

Its amd phenom ii x4 965 i believe 

Wait, so you're saying I can use the cpu with the motherboard I have as long as I dont overclock? Is it safe to stream with it?

well like i said its not a good combination, but if you can upgrade the board lets say next month, then you could try it.  but i would not recommend, to use it for a long period hours a day under full load. just upgrade the board as soon as possible.

if you are able to upgrade the motherboard soon, then i would take the risk, it will not catch fire that quick as long as you dont  overpush anything. otherwise the best cpu upgrade would be a FX6300, but terms of streaming with xplit its better to have an 8 core.

You could also save a bit more money now, and buy a cpu/mobo combo later on.

So the 8320 with a motherboard is 215 and the 8350 is 200, might as well go with the 8320 right? Still good for streaming, btw I have a 7870 and 8 gigs of ram, my psu is 550w. It should handle it right?

well the FX8320 is perfectly for streaming, its the same cpu as the FX8350. but they just set the multiplier lower by default. if you can afford a FX8320 with a better motherboard then dont hassitate just do it. clock speed does not tell the whole story. there will not realy be a big performance diffrence between the 8320 and 8350, because the architecture is the same.

a decent 550W psu is  totaly fine.

Which motherboard?

The combo is

well dont botter about that combo, that motherboard is more terrible then yours.

i dont know if there is a microcentre in your area.

FX8320 with Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 bundle for $239

You would be fine as long as you did not attempt an overclock that requires a voltage adjustment of more than about 5-10%. The FX 8320 is an excellent processor as it is readily overclockable to the same speed as the FX 8350, often without the need to adjust voltages at all. You should really only be concerned about changing your motherboard when you feel like overclocking any further than the stock clocks on the FX 8350. The FX 8320 with your current motherboard will work wonderfully for streaming.

8320 it is... no overclocking and im good right?