Mother broad thermal armor

so here just a question. who like the look of the thermal armor on the grhypoh and on the new asus 6 formal? i know i do and as we saw on the custom white pc that logan and windal did, it can be modded and costumed to fit any style and color scheme. so the big question is why isnt any company just mass producing these kits? they would be ideal for any pc builder trying to fit to a look. and anyone that knew about it woulnt have to worry about the look of the motherboard, instead just geting one with the fetuers and buying a kit and re painting it, or even buying a pre coloered one to fit what their looking for? if there is a small company makeing these pleas let me know. i just want to know some other viewpoints on this.

and just for refrence for what you can do with this armor heres a great build log over on the linus forms showing off some work someone did on one



If they made kits they would just increase the price 200% on $5 worth of goods you can just get at your local hardware store.

That is amazing. I know PC can look good but that is some serious effort to make it outstanding. 

Back on point I agree that this would be a really nice addition to PC custom building. I know I don't get to see inside my case a lot but for building a show piece this would be a welcome addition.

1 tube of silicone cauk, 1 can of spray paint, and a cheezit box. Problem solved.

im trying to think though what you mean here but i cant.

what goods are these i want to know. 

I am saying you could use some thin cardboard such as a cereal or cheeze it box, cut it out as if it were a thermal shield, spray paint it your preferable color, and use silicone caulk to adhere it.