Most reliable SSD?

I know there's a lot of threads already open on this so feel free to redirect me if you know of one that covers what I'm looking for.

I would like to know what people consider to be the most reliable SSD series on the market is right now. I've hear a lot of good things about the Intel drives but I see there are a lot of different versions and series. Speed is less a factor, as anything over SATA II is plenty enough.

I'll be putting this in a new system for general use. Again, speed isn't much of a factor, I just need to know it's going to work and keep working. It'll likely be the only drive and 120-250GBs should be plenty. Anything more and I will be looking into external storage.

Anyways... is Intel the way to go or are there other, better options?

samsung, crucial, kingston, but in reality they are all pretty reliable.