Most of a thread showing at the top of page no matter what page I'm at. On iPad Air

It's really weird, it has happened with the amusing old tech thread, which I have in screenshot here.

I've not seen this happen on my PC or phone (so far), just in Safari on my iPad. It's done with with some other threads too before.

Hmm that looks kinda strange indeed.
This looks like browser related to me.
But i cant tell for sure, since i dont use an ipad myself.

I had this problem with chrome on android. A refresh of the page usually fixed it. Since switching to Firefox, I haven't seen it again.

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What was weird, was refreshing never would get rid of the issue. I ended up just have to keep browsing enough until it went away on its own.

@wendell do you have an idea, what this issue might be related to?
I personaly dont use mobile devices to visit the forum, so i cant tell.

Exactly what I was about to do was ask Wendell👍

this was a hiccup on your wireless connection. the ajax call failed, rendered half a page and the javascript did a new call. however the ajax call did not fail entirely, it started to render a page. clear your browser cache on ipad and it'll go back to normal.

Huh, makes sense then. Only time I've used it when browsing the forums was on the go. Normally I don't have issues with anything but I guess a lot of the sites I used don't use ajax. lol

Anyway, I'll try that the next time it happens. Thanks!