Most innovative game back in the day?

Personally looking back, Magic Carpet was what was most innovative in my opinion.

  • fly on a carpet
  • Shoot stuff
  • build and upgrade ur base
  • get new spells
  • and was multiplayer!

I played The Magic Carpet back in my day and it was such fun. The one game I can think at this moment of time that was innovated was Abe's Oddysee as I remember playing it loads and loveing the unique game style.

My "back in the day" goes way back... I would have to say Elite was the first best game, I had a stack of games for my Sinclair Spectrum (on cassette). When I got Elite I didn't look at another game. It was the first game I had ever played that had proper freedom. You had a big universe and within the rule set of the game you were completely free to do whatever you wanted. Sort of makes me excited for the new one that's currently on Kickstarter.


Elite on the spectrum