Most CPU Compatible X99 Motherboards? Xeon / OC / Broadwell

First time posting, long time youtube subscriber. I can generally find all the answers I want online but what I am looking for seems to require first hand experience with the hardware as I am asking for a recommendation.

I have been banging my head against a wall looking for an X99 motherboard that fits my criteria. Was hoping someone could help.

Really the most important thing that I want is a board which fits my criteria that can overclock an E5-1650v3 or similar unlocked xeon. And also be compatible with whatever else I decide to mess with.

Expansion Slot #7 Needs to be PCI-E X16 and not empty. (closest to the mobo i/o and directly across from ATX screw.)
Expansion Slot #2 or #3 need to be PCI-E X16 also.
Xeon & Broadwell Compatible.
8 Ram slots (good ram compatibility)

M.2 pci-e x4. Not a dealbreaker either
USB3.1 type-c but its not a dealbreaker.

Probably just an EVGA Classified if you can find one, dunno about any of that Xeon stuff though

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It fits most of my criteria, Along with many of the gigabyte boards & some asus boards.
However it is technically not ATX (just a bit longer)

Ive heard of some Asus boards not supporting overclocking the E5-16XX xeons.
And I know some boards are either late or wont support broadwell.

Perhaps I am worrying too much but don't want to end up with a board that isn't going to do exactly what I want.

Have you looked at the ASRock X99 Extreme6? No type-C, but seems to tick most of your boxes. I unfortunately haven't used this particular board myself, but I currently have an overclocked 1650v3 with ECC on the X99-e ITX/AC, and it's been great. I prefer ASUS boards, but have no complaints with this ASRock board so far.

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Thanks for the input. unfortunately that board would put me in the same PCI-E slot situation I am currently in. I am hitting a thermal limit with only half a slot between my two gpu's and need to space them out further apart. Hence looking for slot 7 & slot 2 to be pci-e x16

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I see. That makes sense. If you truly can't find a solution, you might be able to get a shorter mATX board and run an extension cable to the lower card in order to space them out as far as possible, but I understand why doing so would not be an ideal solution.

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MATX Isn't an ideal solution but that actually would work and is something i hadn't considered. I did consider modding the case itself to hold the cards in a different location but that is way more work than its worth.

My case limits me from using the pci-e slot number 1. I can use slot number 2 or 3. Most 1150 / 1151 motherboards and some 2011-v3 use a slot #6 & #3 configuration and then slot #1

I have the Silverstone FT-02 and don't intend on switching cases. Just looking for another pci-e slot gap between my cards.

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Thanks, I will probably end up going with something like that and hoping for the best on e5-16xx-v3 overclocking.