More wars are fought on PC than console but its worth it

LOL Consoles only have a 3 way war Xbox vs PS vs Nintendo but PC gamers have PC vs Mac and AMD vs Intel and AMD GPU vs Nvidia GPU vs Intel GPU :P  

The PC master race has more factions, therefore master race. Console peasants can't possibly understand the machinations behind our motives, nor why we pick sides. But in the end, when someone fucks with the master race, we stop the war, and we blow up the internet as one entity.

My friend is a multi-millionare obsessed with PS4, I try to explain to him the greener pastures on the other side. With his vast amounts of money he would be able to build a rig that would make Jay cry, but he seems to fail to understand the fact you pointed out. He was like look at E3 bro, you can't tell me PC has the kind of battles that console has between xbox and ps4...... I literally explain the same thing, that there are battles between everyone, and then the brands within each different faction battling it out. He just does not seem to understand that this is why PC pushes technology and the 2 seat race between sony and microsoft only stifles innovation.