More problems

So about a month ago I posted a problem with my motherboard not recognizing any of my RAM, I have scince gotten the computer to boot.  After attempting to play a few games I noticed that everything is running poorly, namely Planetside 2, being a heavy hit on the memory and all.  When playing Planetside 2 I used to get between 40 and 150 FPS (depending on the size of the battle around me.  Now when I play I get the same framerate, but every few seconds the game will freeze for a second, then go back up to whatever framerate I had.  I ran a few different tests, and my computer, instead of recognizing 8 GB of memory clocked at 1600Mhz, recognizes 4 GB of  memory clocked at 735Mhz, which is extremely sub-par for my needs.  My guess is that the framerate freezing in certain games is due to the game trying to load data to the RAM that is now significantly slower, and Planetside 2 being already very memory intensive on my healthy computer, now brings it to its knees, as does BF3 occasionally and Starcraft II.  Games such as Minecraft however do not have this problem.  Any help that can be provided would be wonderful as I would really like to play Planetside 2 again.  Thanks.


That does not sound good, could be a bad ram stick, or your mobo is starting to die..


have you run memtest? seated the ram correctly? is it matched? where are you seeing that 735? do you have say one pair on one channel and the other pair on the second channel (assuming you are on a platform with dual channel memory.

I have an Ivy Bridge i5 3570K at 3.4ghz, an EVGA geforce 570, 2 4gb sticks of gskill trident 1600mhz memory in dual channel, and ofcourse the Asrock z77 extreme 6.  I used to have windows 7 and have scince switched to windows 8, the motherboard still only recognizes 1 stick and it is now at 800mhz.  I have personally checked the ram sticks multiple times and they are seated properly in the apropriate slots for dual channel, and I gathered the above information from Piriform Speccy.  Also no I have not run memtest.


Most programs will only rate the memory for half of its speed because DDR stands for double data rate. As long as you can multiply the value by 2 to get the value that is listed in the bios, then there is no problem. 

Also, I hope you have a 64 bit version of windows because 32 bit versions will only detect up to 4gb of ram. 

What does your BIOS say about the memory, speed, total GB, etc?

Can that mobo carry out a memory test? if so defo try that