More Freenas video's?

Dear Wendell,

A few months ago you made a few video's about freenas and nas's in general, but you never finished the subject :(. you covered hardware, why you should have one, but not everything about software (Freenas). In the video about installing freenas you explain the basic stuff and you say you can do a lot more with freenas, but you never made a video about that. I would love the know more about jails and plugins. especialy running VM's. I don't know if you have some time left over, but if you do can you make a video for how to run VM's in freenas and jails in general? 


I'd like to see some more home network videos in general. Like how to set up pfSense's more advanced features like VPN, web cache, etc. Along with things like FreeNAS and maybe even a home surveillance system that runs on a Linux box. I like the really fancy enterprise gear too, but its also cool to see stuff that normal people can actually afford too :P I have a pfsense router, it wasn't expensive to build. I can't really go out and buy a $2500 Xeon server though, as much as I wish I could

+1, can i ask what kind of router you got? i have a 7+ years old router with 100Mb/s ports ... ruins the powerfull nas :(.

check out some of the freeNas videos from the people who made the software. it will give you some basic tips on how to set up plugins and stuff. Also, feel free to ask in the forums. A lot of people here run FreeNAS and they're mostly helpful.

also, read the user guide PDF. FreeNAS is a little different from most Operating Systems that we're used to if, like me, you come from Mac/Windows.

i think Wendell will release a video about Virtualisation on FreeNAS at some point. They mentioned it in one of the Tek videos recently.

i know more about linux than windows/mac :). never used BSD though. Thanx for the info!

I've got VPN stuff on the way, might do some web cache as well later on.

I dont have a NAS set up right now but I have pfsense with a gigabit NIC in it, and a little Linksys smart swirch (also gigabit) and it does fantastic for everything I need to do. I've used FTP without any issues at all in several instances, its blazing fast even to transfer videos. I've heard DD WRT can be good too, but honestly I doubt there's much that can top pfsense.

I would like to register my interest in more NAS videos, I dream of an ideal setup where my NAS and router can be in the same physical box, if freenas is able to help with this due to it's VM support then all the better!

Sorry to poop on your party, but I have a feeling you'd like that a lot less than you think. Giving a NAS a public IP is a BAD idea. Plus, you'd need so much hacky terrible stuff to make the whole VM thing work, especially the networking and addressing and such. It would be easier to just run them seperate. Lucky for you, pfsense barely needs any power at all to run, I run mine on a 1.2ghz single core and have never seen the CPU go over 10%. FreeNAS really needs to have its own server, it needs power in certain areas.