More Airflow Questions!

I need the best possible airflow for this case.

Perferably under 25db


How many mounting points are there for fans in that case?

What are the main components: mobo, cpu, graphics(?), etc, and what will the system be used for?

To kick off, how about a fan-less PSU.  Seasonic have a couple of models but they are not high wattage.  If you're only using integrated graphics then this should suffice.

Looks like it has an interior drive mounted fan(not sure on this one), a 200mm (2x120mm) fan mounted in the front, a stand off for a bottom mounted psu fan, an exhaust on the rear panel, and what looks like a 200mm fan mount on the top. I think the included fans should be more than enough, might be able to fit a 120mm dual rad  on the top for a close loop cpu cooler.