Moonspell - Almost Done

Anyway I don't have a camera so I can't necessarily like get pictures of them, but I have all of their CDs Aside from 2003s "The Antidote"

If anyone can find this for a [b][u]reasonable[/u][/b] price with [b][u]reasonable[/u][/b] shipping as well (I'd rather not pay 10$ for a CD and 24$ for the shipping) it would be a big help.


looks like shipping is under 20 bucks 14 to ship to canada dont no where u live its 14 total including CD

Thank you that works... Order made, payed, and CD is on it's way. Thanks.

since you already ordered I can send you a copy so you can start listening before you get it.. have it at 192 kbps

Nah it's fine :P I enjoy listening to a brand new CD while reading through the booklets, especially ones that I payed enough for to buy the bands entire discography.

Mann when I read the title I thought: Moonspell - almost done as in the band is disbanding...I was getting really worried. Good thing I was wrong ah!

Anyway, gratz on the completion of the discography!