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Moon Shots



Clear sky outside last night allowed me to go out for some astronomy!

It’s somewhat limited this time of year with just the amount of good darkness available, really only about an hour or two of decent darkness. Add on the bright moon and the sky isn’t the darkest thing around even in the countryside.

Last night was really just to familiarise myself with the sky again as I’ve not been keeping up with it for a while until now where ive felt a bit more stable with life.

I realised Ive lost my camera adaptor :cry: so I didn’t get to use my camera, not a huge deal as I have a new dedicated astro camera coming. But As the moon was nice and bright and it reached over the trees early in the morning I got a quick couple of shots with my Pixel XL (1st gen).

With it hanging low in the sky the atmosphere was a bit rubbish but still they came out quite nice for single shot images.

These were through a WO ZS71 with a TV 25mm Plössl, and TV 7mm Nagler

Mars unfortunately would not clear the garden obstructions. I’ll need to take it out the front where I have a clearer view of that side of the sky next weekend assuming good weather.


Nice, the moon was really big in the sky here last night.


The Australian outback is the best place I’ve been on this planet for Stargazing.


There’s some good areas around here. The Australian outback but look amazing. The best place I’ve physically been so far has been the middle of the Atlantic ocean.


Blockquote so far has been the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Was going to say this, in the ocean away from dust and light pollution- amazing.


Shadows revealing depth is super interesting and I think that by itself just showing single creater would make me stare that picture for some time

Then that light blooming around moon makes me always ponder why is that happening, there is always something strange about that too


The camera doesn’t do it justice in this case. With my eye I was able to see a lot more detail than the picture shows, especially around the right hand shadowed areas where the craters become a lot more clearly defined from the shadows given off, and the top of the moon also where there are a large number of smaller craters which you can easily spend some time looking at.


Lunar eclipse from the north sea, only had mobile camera and binoculars


Mars should be visible tonight next to the moon, hoping to nab a shot or two, anyone else?


I tried to spot it, but couldn’t.


It’s vissible with naked eye from Bulgaria.



I used this site in combination with a compass.


Was just outside, spotted it in the binoculars.
Wish I had a telescope.


Or an 800mm camera lens (cries in 200mm)


Post-full-moon eclipse:


Someone explain to me what is there to watch from moon eclipse, is it this red moon?


During the lunar ecplise, that rock was hiding between -10° below and 15° above the horrizon. In other words, I have no clue. Just seemed like a very fast “back to full moon” from what I could see.


Got’em! :smiley:

Sony A7RII, Leica APO-Telyt R 180mm f/3.4, high ISO 3200 or so.
Multiple exposures combined, edited with Krita and RAWTherapee.